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The Silent Space Between and Around Words                                                                                                                 ITALIANO        CLOSE

There is often a relationship between art and literature. Artists of all times have been inspired by the texts of writers and poets, drawing their ideas from words and descriptions.

For example, the works of the Renaissance were created according to a careful reading of ancient sources, romantic painting and sculpture drew from the texts of novelists and travelers.

The work of art or literature is always itself a type of writing: pen, pencil, brush, chisel, computer, camera, are utensils necessary to make visible human thought. The means might be different, but the aim is to communicate ideas.

The exhibition The Silent Space Between And Around Words addresses the relationship between art and literature, through the works of two painters and four writers. Each artist expresses his or her creativity very personally, in response to the philospher John Berger, who described how painting "visualizes with living colors the silent space between and around words".

The "silent space between words" is color and paint and words, but it is also that aspect of interpretation that each one brings to the artistic experience. Edith Urban and Georgina Spengler

paint on canvas and on wood. Edith Urban, who moved to Rome from Germany some years ago, creates abstract and conceptual works where the monochromatic color becomes the support for

a philosophical text, at the same time personal and universal, visible only as line, as intuition. Georgina Spengler, an American of Greek origin and resident in Rome for many years, creates

surfaces richly allusive of landscape and atmosphere, where the surface graphic line narrates Greek mythology. The two painters invited the four writers to dialogue together on the oneness of painting and poetry, using John Berger's thoughts as a starting point. The poet Bruce Comens, the

essayist Beatrice Talamo, the author Rosa Pierno and the poet Luigi Trucillo, together create an installation of ideas and sensations, a network of links between the six participants.

The works were created expressly for this exhibition, and consider both the space and the context. With The Silent Space Between and Around Words, the artists offer a glimpse onto the many possible interpretations of the relationship between art and literature, inviting the spectator to reflect on a possible interpretation of what the silence might be.

Shara Wasserman